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Articles published recently

Stealth - Fast jets, action and artificial inteligence
I'd describe it as an action packed film full of in flight shots featuring advanced futuristic aircraft and technology. If that's the kind of thing that floats your boat then you are definitely going to love Stealth.

Chromebook review - the Samsung Series 3
It was a spur of the moment, long considered decision the day I went out and bought a Samsung series 3 Chromebook. But what are these devices really like to use and are they worth the money?

Prague - Currency Exchange and Money
I hadn't really considered Prague as a holiday destination up until a couple of years ago, but now that I have visited the Czech Republic's capital twice I am really glad that I have discovered this little east European gem!

Is your laptop running hot and getting noisy?
It's a common enough problem with a laptop that is two or three years old, but this is something that is usually relatively easy to fix and I'll show you how to fix a laptop that is running hot and noisy.

Web development frameworks - are there too many?
It's no longer just about churning out some HTML with a bit of Javascript. These days there are dozens of web development frameworks out there and it seems there's a new one to learn every week, such as Bootstrap, Knockout, Backbone, Ember..

Looper, another time travel movie with a few plot holes
I saw Looper at the cinema last night and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised that it was such a good movie. I know that time travel films can really confuse some people, but personally I rather enjoy them.

How to track websites visited by child, husband or wife
In this article I am going to show you how easy it is to track all the websites visited on a computer by your child, husband or wife. Furthermore, it will even record websites visited in an 'Incognito' session.

How many computers, tablets and smartphones do you really need?
It's a question that people have often asked me because like many geeky types who spend a lot of time online, I like to have a few backup devices and also some mobile ones so that I can get my fix wherever I am.

Battleship - a surprisingly good movie
If you liked Independence Day or Top Gun, you'll probably enojoy Battleship as well. If you Watch this movie with low expectations and try not to pick fault with the technical details or the plot you'll be well entertained.

Twitter and Facebook threatened by Google Plus?
Are social networking giants Facebook and Twitter threatened by Google Plus? Well if their engineers are prepared to team up and produce a browser add-on to tweak search results containing Google Plus posts then they must be.

Homemade beer - it's cheaper than going to the pub!
We go to pubs to enjoy a pint and to socialise. But why not invite some friends round to sample your beer. Have a karaoke party, watch a movie, play games, cards. In effect you will have you're own limited 'public house'.

Chrome and Internet Explorer - two trains about to crash
Google has been gaining market share with their Chrome browser by one or two percent a month and at the same time Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been loosing ground by the same amount.

Website defaced, a victim of SQL Injection?
If you run a website, particularly if it provides an income or you it's the one thing you dread to see in the morning. Your site has been hacked and your content changed, in fact all your hard work has been defaced.

Has the AdSense bubble burst for small publishers?
I have been a Google AdSense publisher for a number of years now and have in fact been able to make a modest income from my websites up until recently. Many publishers are asking, has the bubble burst though?

Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer in browser wars
In July 2010 Chrome's market share stood at just over 7% and today it's on it's way to 13%. Conversely, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has lost an equivalent portion of market share from 61% down to just over 54% in the same period.

Google's +1 button, is it one too many?
You've no doubt seen the Facebook 'like' button on loads of websites already, well you might well see Google's +1 button sitting next to it the next time you drop by. Is this going to be a winner for Google or is it one social button too many?

Just Go with It, another funny Adam Sandler film
If you're looking for a light hearted romantic comedy with plenty of laughs I can recommend this movie, particularly if you enjoy films that have Adam Sandler in them. Think of Grown Ups, 50 First Dates and Mr Deeds...

How to eat for less than a pound a day
There are lots of ways to save money and eat on the cheap. You can easily eat healthily for less than a pound a day. For example buying reduced items, shopping around, growing food and home cooking.

Chalet Girl - a funny and easy to watch romcom
Chalet girl is a story about a young girl (Kim) who's stuck in a dead end job in a fast food joint, and she spends a lot of time looking after her dad, who can arguably fend for himself anyway. Kim seizes the opportunity of a chalet catering job...

Happiness is little fluffy clouds in the sky
The sun is shining, the sky is blue and there's literally hundreds of those little fluffy cumulus clouds up there drifting along in a fresh breeze. The fields we are speeding past are a lush fertile green that almost make you want to eat them up.

Male-pattern baldness, genetics and evolution
It is widely known that male-pattern baldness, or a loss of hair later in life has a genetic origin. My theory is that this has a lot to do with our large brain and temperature control issues when you get older.

Google's Panda update - not so cute for some!
I’m not having a Google happy week so far because my main site The Weekly Gripe has had a bit of a run in with a giant Panda in the form of their latest SERP’s update. Who would have thunk it!?

Google invests in solar power
One can only imagine the amount of power consumed each day in Google data centres around the world. I read earlier today that Google have invested $168 million in the Ivanpah solar electric energy project in the Mojave desert.

Using a brief life journal to jog your memory
What’s the purpose of the Life Journal? It’s simply there to help me remember more detail. I have found that a few short keywords from something in the past seems to really trigger something and a whole load of other memories come flooding back.

Are sheets and blankets warmer than a duvet?
This one’s probably going to how my age and my background but what the hell. Does anyone out there remember sleeping in a bed in a cold room with sheets and blankets as a kid instead of a nice fluffy duvet with central heating?

Google Web Fonts - cross platform web safe fonts
When I first began to dabble with building websites I was quite excited about the possibility of using interesting fonts to make my pages look exactly how I wanted them to look. However, my excitement was short lived.

Solar powered electric cars are the future
It is my belief that a solar electric vehicle combination is a winner for everyone despite the technical challenges. It makes absolute sense in my opinion to strive towards the ultimate goal of cheap efficient transport powered by a truly renewable energy

Personal Blocklist - a new useful Chrome Extension
Finally a way to block Expert’s Exchange and Facebook from showing up in Google’s search results (well at least on my computer), the rest of the world will have to have to soldier on or take the same action as me.

Learning to play electric guitar - resources
This s a guide for the impatient, perhaps slightly lazy budding guitarist and it comes from my own personal experience. Just a few tips to help you get along making the most of today's technology.

Tomorrow, When the War Began - film review
Tomorrow, When the War Began is set in Australia and tells the story of the country being invaded from the perspective of a group of teenagers, who happen to be in the bush camping when the actual invasion takes place.

Why WebGL will change the landscape of the Internet
WebGL (and of course HTML 5.0) is exciting news for web developers because it makes it possible to build the kind of websites and user interfaces that have, up until now either been impossible or required extensive plug-ins and third party tools.

How to remove the label and glue from wine bottles
Removing the label from a wine bottle can either be quite straight forward or it can be extremely tricky. I've recently discovered a neat way to completely remove those tricky labels and more importantly the stubborn glue that often gets left behind.

Making real gravy with less fat using cold water
There’s nothing quite like real gravy with a roast dinner is there? Gravy granules dumped into a jug of boiling water is just a poor substitute for the real thing, and why should you settle for this when your meat has produced lots of juices.

Facebook will be less popular in five years
I'm going to stick my neck out here and predict that within five years Facebook will not be as popular in five years time, in fact it may well shrivel to one quarter it's current size in terms of the number of active user accounts.

Solar powered paramotoring a real possibility?
The idea of powering human flight using purely the sunlight is perhaps a bit ambitious. Perhaps it should be done in small steps. Get the battery technology up to scratch first and make solar panels more efficient.

Town planners and their love of concrete - Bedworth
My gripe isn't about Bedworth because it's basically a nice town. My complaint is really about what has happened to it over the years, actually it's what has probably happened to a lot of towns and villages around the country.

How to clean a white plastic chopping board
If, like me, you have one of those white plastic chopping boards in the kitchen, you’ve probably already noticed how difficult it can be to keep it clean and more or less white. Here are a few tips to help you get it looking new again.

Chrome, Android, Google Search increase market share
I make it my business to check out market results and trends for browsers, search engines and operating systems once a month - usually on the 4th or 5th. It's great news all round for Google this month.

What is an Android smartphone? Do I need one?
So what is an Android phone, and what can you do with it? Why should you care, and is it something you should have? Here's a brief summary of the key features you'll find on most Android phones.

Idea for a solar powered bathroom extractor fan
I love all things solar, so how about a DIY solar powered bathroom extractor fan? I believe you can already get solar powered greenhouse ventilators but they cost an arm and a leg - nearly £75 when I checked and they probably wouldn't be up to the job.

Christmas presents ideas - from cheap to expensive
It's that time of year again, Christmas is approaching and time to do the shopping. Whether you've got bottless pockets or trying to buy Christmas presents on a shoestring budget this year, you'll probably find an idea here to suit your budget.

Facebook alternatives - best social networking sites
Well you're probably ready to hook up with friends on family on some alternate social networking sites and I can tell you, there are quite a few of them now. They're not as big as Facebook but don't let that put you off. So what's the best alternative?

Flying Power Kites, what are they - info for novices
Flying Power Kites - If you’re interested in flying power kites then it’s a good idea to find out a bit of information about them first, because unlike the old diamond kites we all used to fly as kids, power kites are a different thing alltogether.

DIY GPS tracking system for motorcycles
The police aren't interested in tracing your stolen motorcycle, so why don't you do their job for them and install a DIY GPS tracking system simply using cheap mobile phone?

QR Codes for estate agents and property marketing
It suddenly occurred to me that instead of looking up the property details when they get home, potential buyers could scan a QR code on the sign and find out all about the house right there on the spot.

Google Buzz and the future of social networking?
Have you ever heard of Google Buzz? I believe as many others have stated that social sites, or social networks as the industry likes to call them will become a big part of Internet usage, in fact it already is.

How to clean a plastic shower screen / panel
It's vinegar, quite simply that. You don't need any special chemicals or fancy, expensive bathroom cleaners because most of them don't work anyway. Just get a sponge and soak loads of distilled vinegar into it.

Google Chrome, why I switched from Firefox and IE
Chrome is quite simply the best browser out there. My prediction is that Chrome will own at least 10% of the browser market share by the end of 2010 and will swap places with Firefox by the summer of 2011.

Visiting Google's offices in London, UK - Adsense Event
An insight into what it is like to visit the offices of Google UK in London to attend an event called 'Growing your business with Adsense', meeting other publishers and taking in all the wonderous sights at Google's headquarters.

Sky 3D TV channel - active or passive glasses?
So what's Sky doing with their new 3D TV channel? Theoretically you can have either a passive or active system with a TV. Perhaps future 3D televisions will be able to incorporate both technologies.

Does a cold winter lead to a hot summer?
Does a cold winter mean that we're in for a hot summer?  You know the kind of summer I mean, the ultimate BBQ weather, the absolute scorcher where folk are passing out because of the heat?

Solar electric buses, future transport for the UK?
Electric buses could be the future of transport in the UK. Potentially ultra cheap to run with the cost savings passed on to those passengers who right now would rather opt to sit in a traffic jam.

The Skeptic, a truly scary movie - review
If you're looking for a scary movie (as we were on Halloween) but don't like to sit in front of a gore fest then this is definitely the one to watch for you because The Skeptic is a horror film done old style.

How to survive a hangover after a night heavy drinking
Here are a few tips to help you survive the mother of all hangovers after a night out drinking. I'm forty now so I think I'm qualified to speak about this. I'm no binge drinker but I've had one or two heavy sessions in my time.

Wireless sensor bar for the Wii - Solar powered?
The Wii sensor bar, as I'm sure you know is an absolutely essential part of your Wii console and wihout it your Wii remotes just don't work. How about a solar powered wireless Wii sensor bar though?

Surrogates, another classic with Bruce Willis
We're used to seeing Bruce Willis in Sci-Fi Action films but nothing quite like this. The thing that struck me the most after only half an hour was how much this film reminded me of 'I Robot'.

Dealing with disappointment and failure
It cuts you to the bone and it's one emotion that (for me anyway) is very difficult to deal with. Failure goes hand in hand with disappointment, in fact maybe this is more failure than disappointment.

Wii remote not working? Here's how to fix it for free
If you've got a Wii remote that isn't working properly, perhaps it doesn't register in one direction or the controls are reversed, chances are it's just a stuck accelerometer and here's how to fix it for free!

How to get rid of a moth in your house
This is, I think a very appropriate article for mothsworld.com. How do you get rid of moths in your house, and is there a way to do it naturally without having to hurt them? It's a question many a kind hearted person may ask.

Brüno, one of the worst films I have ever seen
I think you probably have to like this kind of film to begin with or be a bit of a fan the Borat or Ali G. I am definitely not so if you're looking for a glowing review of Brüno you won't find it here.

New in Town film review
New In Town can probably be best described as one of those 'nice but predictable' romantic comedies. I've seen my fair share of these over the years and it's a classic combination that just works.

The Guitar, an excellent film with Saffron Burrows
The Guitar is one of those films you'll either love or hate, nothing in between. It caught my attention partially because I recognised Saffron and associated her with previous good films and partly because I play guitar myself.

How to fix a projector light tunnel - shadow on screen
If you have a projector and have a dark shadow moving accross the screen, either from the left or right, chances are it's a light tunnel collapse. Here's how I fixed my light tunnel on my Infocus X2 projector.

Never give someone an empty wallet, it's bad luck
I'm not a superstitious kind of person and I generally don't get scared by the Bogey man. I do think it is bad luck however, to give someone a wallet as a present without anything in it.

Happy Go Lucky film review - great film
What an amazing film made with a bunch of nobodys. Doing movie reviews you get the odd strange one but I have to say in general I was impressed with Happy Go Lucky

Where has that coin in your pocket been?
Have you ever take a really good look at the coins in your pocket and been amazed at how old some of them are? It would be interesting to know where they have they been. If they could talk I bet they could tell a story or two.

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